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  • NBEAL1 controls SREBP2 processing and cholesterol metabolism and is a susceptibility locus for coronary artery disease

    Published: 10.03.2020

    Bindesbøll C, Aas A, Ogmundsdottir MH, Pankiv S, Reine T, Zoncu R, Simonsen A

    Sci Rep, 10 (1), 4528

    Pubmed 32161285

    For more information, please contact: Trine Reine

  • An Adult Patient with Early Pre-B Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia with t(12;17)(p13;q21)/ZNF384-TAF15

    Published: 19.09.2018

    Georgakopoulos N, Diamantopoulos P, Micci F, Giannakopoulou N, Zervakis K, Dimitrakopoulou A, Viniou NA

    In Vivo, 32 (5), 1241-1245, DOI 10.21873/invivo.11371

    PubMed 30150451

    For more information, please contact: Francesca Micci

  • A camera support for operating theatre videography

    Published: 08.03.2012

    Horgmo ØH, Danielsen HE (2012)

    J Vis Commun Med, 35 (1), 20-4
    PubMed 22397480 DOI 10.3109/17453054.2012.656585

    For more information, please contact: Håvard E. Greger Danielsen

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