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Clinical Decision Support

Our clinical decision support project helps clinicians decide between treatment variables based on available facts and previous experiences.

The quest for optimal treatment

Hospitals are in need of systems that can guide workers through the difficult process of decision-making. The protocols for clinical treatment and follow-up of patients are in continuous evolution, as the advancement of technological and medical knowledge is ever-expanding. A large amount of data is generated daily in the form of patient journals, specialist systems and quality registries. Treatment plans are becoming increasingly more complex, which makes digital tools necessary. Our goal is to increase the likelihood of optimal treatment for the patient, and decrease the probability of suboptimal treatment.



The system is based on a database of similar cases, patient-specific data and expert insight. The simplest form of decision support is the form of notifications at the event of given clinical values, and plans for further measures. This is especially relevant now that the Norwegian health department has introduced standardized treatment programs ("pakkeforløp") for several common diseases. Digital systems like our decision support application can aid in the follow-up and quality assurance of these programs on a national level. With this in place we would have a real-time surveillance system for catching possible breaches or anomalies before they cause harm.

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